Colombia is a country of hats. Often this is because the beating sun demands protection from above: the fibres used vary according to the region, as does the style

The hats below (sombreros) are handwoven, according to tradition, from Iraca palm fibre.

The generous size provides ample protection from the carribbean sun and the natural weave allows for a comfortable fit capable of resisting all but the strongest of ocean winds.

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hat 5 gradient

hat 11 b gradient

hat 1 gradient

hat 8 gradient

hat 9 gradient

hat 3 gradient nu

hat 2 gradient

hat 4 gradient

hat 10 gradient

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hat 12 gradient


If you visit Colombia you will soon see the Sombrero Vueltiao -the National Hat !- being worn proudly. Our caps are handmade using the same traditional skills and plant fibre, namely Cana Flecha (Arrow Cane). This cane grows in the area including Cordoba and Sucre and the whole plant is used by the Zenu Indians. It is the central midrib of the leaf which the Zenu women braid by hand before the strips are sown together. The dark colour is achieved through a lengthy process using a special mud and certain other leaves .
Although very authentic, our Caps (Gorras) are extremely unusual with a distinctive style.
And with a discreet hook-and- loop fastening to the rear “one size fits all”.